Up - Unternehmensberatung


Use the crisis as opportunity...?!

What can you do to better cope with the current (Corona)- crisis situation? As part of our (Corona) crisis coaching, we will, depending you own situation, discuss with you, how you can deal with the limited social contact- and cultural situation, how you may integrate home office activities in an efficient way into everyday life, how to use ONLINE seminars- and learning events as well as ONLINE fitness courses in order to be flexible, capable of learning and facing new challenges of everyday life in a different and sensfull way. We will show you how you can use meditation and mindfulness exercises for yourself in stressful situations and how to conect body, mind and soul in a for you, confortabel way. In every situation: physical exhaust, stress, relationship problems, illness or just extended sadness.

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Where do you see your future business- perspectives?

We will teach you to develop strategies to improve your career performance and achievements. You will learn to review your personal vision, perspectives and goals and, if need be, to redefine them. We will prepare you for new tasks, functions or duties. You will learn how to manage the specific challenges of being self-employed. We will advise you in planning your career and prepare you specifically for assessment centres.

How does your private planning for the future look like?

We will help you to define your personal vision and goals. You will recognise your talents and skills, and together we will develop realistic strategies to make use of your personal potential successfully. We will show you how to be more creative and how to develop new ideas. You will overcome obstacles, achieve self-composure and gain energy and more joy in life.