Up - Unternehmensberatung

Business Departments

We will support your marketing and advertising departments with national or international market analyses. We will develop new marketing concepts or prepare your annual marketing budget. Upon request, we will measure the success of your marketing activities. We will help you to compose multilingual press releases, advertising text, and text for flyers or company brochures. We will organise trade fairs, road shows and events for you.

We will support your distribution and sales department by preparing competitor analyses and market-based target customer records. We will evolve sales strategies and define distribution channels and sales markets based on these. We will support your sales activities, such as initial approaches to a potential customer as well as the scheduling and preparation of important meetings with them. We will assist you in creating customer satisfaction analyses and, based on the results, we will show you the best way of creating your specific customer loyalty program.

Concerning human resources management, we will offer your company project-related support. We will train your staff on or off the job.