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04 April 2022

Our new offer for you: Using mediation to resolve conflicts.

Our trained employees offers you mediation as a structured and voluntary process for the constructive resolution of a conflict. Our independent and "all-partisan" mediator accompanies the conflicting parties in their solution proces. We offer you mediation in the fields of; economy, authorities and schools, neighborhood, family and perpetrator/victim mediation.

Do you have any questions about our new offer and want to use it for yourself: Call us or send us an email at info@up-dd.de

24 October 2021

A rally for a good cause!

4000 km, crossing 11 countries of the Balkans in 10 days.

UP-Unternehmensberatung & Persönlichkeitskolleg, made a donation to the TEAM around Arne Allisat, in Mercedes-Benz, 190e, 40 years old. The donations collected by the POTHOLE-RODEO-RALLEY TEAMs, organized with the help of the "Child-Care - Afrika-Entwicklungshilfe" association, are used to set up a preschool near Agadir, Morocco. But not everyone can take part in the POTHOLE-RODEO-RALLEY. RODEO vehicles are subject to special regulations. They may have cost a maximum of 500 euros and must cover at least 500,000 km mileage. There is no winner at the rally, which has been held since 2014. The route is the goal. The participants should stick together and support each other. Performing as a team together to support and help other people! Values that are not only important in a rally, but also in everyday life!

Congratulations to the team and all participants! True heroes!

26 July 2021

Dear customers, interested parties and friends of the company, we are also there for you during the school holidays!

You can reach us during our normal business hours:
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We wish everyone who is going on vacation or going on vacation a nice and relaxing time! Stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you again!

Your advisor TEAM

05 January 2021

The corona pandemic is a complex stressful situation that hardly leaves anyone out.

Fears about your own health and the health of other people, existential fear of the future and the uncertainty of how things should go on for you during and after the crisis situation pose great challenges for each individual. Our everyday life has changed significantly. We have to cope with reduced social contacts and often little physical closeness or even social isolation. With our new program we want to help you and show you ways how to turn a crisis into a real opportunity for yourself. You can find more information at:

Personality College/Coaching

What can you do to better cope with the current (Corona) crisis situation?

25 January 2020

UP Management wishes all customers and friends of the company a healthy and successful year 2020

An important topic, which we are devoting ourselves to this year is an efficient health management, because the basis of every successful company is a motivated, skilled and healthy workforce.


22 March 2019

Color Energies

Effectiveness in your team is a challenge every day!


26 June 2018

Off to the Spreewald Delta! Our summer-customer-event 2018.

This year again, our customers embarked with us on a discovery journey into the beautiful saxony countryside - into the Spreewald.


27 February 2018

Our personnel concepts - for you - always up to date!

Whether in a team training, in an individual training for staff-development or in the strategic personnel search, our goal is to provide you with optimal support in every case.


28 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

At this point, we would like to thank you for your trust!UP is already looking forward to being there for you in the new year 2018 and wishes you a happy new year!

10 September 2017

Schoolgirls from NIZWA/Oman - young women in a place full of history - "Jabrin Castle". We met them there!

"Uneducated women can not raise free children, and neglected women can never properly care for other people. If women are not trained for their job, they can not contribute to the progress of this country." - This statement by Sultan Qaboos makes it clear that the woman has a firm place in the Omani society.


23 March 2017

UP-DD performs a Communication trainingfor DDV-Media-group Saxony

On March 1st 2017, UP-DD performs an extensive communication training program at the DDV - Media Group business forum.


30 September 2016

Harvest of wine in the „Garden of France“ 2016

The wine-growing region of the Loire is, after the Bordelais, the second largest wine-producing region in France. The wine-growing areas spread along the Loire on a few hundred kilometers. The Loire is with 1012 km one of France's longest river. It originates in the Central Massif and flows into the Atlantic at St. Nazaire. Its riverbed with the numerous sandbanks has preserved its originality. Particularly interesting for culture is the area between Orléans and Nantes with a variety of castles and historic towns. The lovely landscape of the Loire Valley with its mild climate is also called "the Garden of France". On the limestone soils, noble wines like Sancerre, Vouvray and Muscadet grow. The neighboring Sologne supplies meat from wild animals and mushrooms with it.


02 February 2016

Our vocation - Your Satisfaction.

We are working as private employment agencies in the fields of logistics, medicine and nursing in Saxony. Our customers are companies from the region, for which we convey appropriate workers. We seek and find for you employees who fit with their knowledge and skills optimally in your company and in the staff team.

01 September 2015

Communication with "new sound"

If I send a message to sombody, I am effective in four ways.
Each contains my statements, whether I like it or not, four messages simultaneously:

1. what I inform
2. what I give to recognize me
3. what I think of you and how I feel about you
4. what I want to achieve with you

Both, the one who speaks and the one who listens, both are responsible for the quality of communication, the communication of the unequivocal Ideally, rather than the rule. The new training series will help our customers to optimize their internal and external communication.

10 July 2015

Summertime is exhibition time.

Annual Exhibition of the study program Fine Arts - Faculty I
July 10, 2015 - July 19 2015
Annual exhibitions and diploma exhibition 2015th
The students of the Dresden Art Academy are compulsory state of emergency: Summertime is exam time. Examination time is show time. Eun-Hye Kim presents her sculptures in the studio.

02 February 2015

Dresden is colorful!

Under this motto, the company UP ® supports foreign students from the Art Academy in Dresden.

01 October 2014


is the title of this year's NLP Congress. This motto is to refer to the roots of Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the humanistic psychology, as well as to consider the potential of NLP to explore human development opportunities and to support those in the future.

06 June 2014

High Impact Presentation

Completion of the program "High Impact Presentation" at the Dale Carnegie Training GmbH.

03 May 2014


This article was published by the Economic Journal in its May issue. UP Unternehmensberatung & Persönlichkeitskolleg ®.

10 April 2014


The registration of the mark UP Unternehmensberatung & Persönlichkeitskolleg ® at the German Patent and Trademark Office has been successfully completed.

24 March 2014

From tradition for progress

From tradition for progress: We are a member of Friends of the cities of Dresden and Hamburg since March 2014.

15 February 2014


Art-Cartoon-Project with South Korean Art-Student from Dresden School of Art, E.Kim, successfully completed.

31 January 2014

Member of German Federal Association

We are Member of German Federal Association of certified Trainer & Business-Coaches (BZTB e.V.) and Member of German Association of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming ( DVNLP e.V.)

01 November 2013

Our new Website is online!

We hope for good cooperation. Contact us with questions about your company.